New & Upcoming Releases: Mary Morgan's Journal

Hello and thanks for checking out my current projects. Right now, I'm wrapping up work on the third book of my Mary Morgan's Journal trilogy which is a fully-illustrated series packed with adventure, mystery, magic, and even some political satire. If you like all that plus a lot of mixed media artwork, then this is the series for you! 

While The Cautioner's Tale and The Rescuer's Tale are now available on, The Hero's Tale will soon follow. Have a look below for the details.

Available Now!

The Cautioner's Tale


The Cautioner's Tale is the first book in the Mary Morgan's Journal series. As a recent multiple award winner, it's sure to have you hooked!

Past as Prologue


The world was not destroyed by the Last Great War, but its history was. Is mankind doomed to repeat past mistakes? Herr Bigly Rump seems to think so and will stop at nothing to win the election to the World Leadership Council over his opponent Mary Morgan, a young historian suspicious of Herr Rump’s motivations. 

The Art of the Steal



Mysterious circumstances lead to a shocking victory for the Rump - almost as if he'd stolen the election - granting his wish for world domination. His first act is to ban the notion of history and all investigations into the past, calling them “witch hunts.” But knowing Mary may have information that could lead to his downfall, the Rump immediately declares her a criminal for having run against him and he sends out the hounds to find her. 

Available NOW!

The Rescuer's Tale


Mary's work continues in this second fully-illustrated installment of the trilogy Mary Morgan's Journal.

The Rump is missing!


Mary's efforts to save the world from tyranny have only just begun. Now being blamed for the Rump's disappearance, Mary must build her alliances to free the innocents imprisoned by the Rump and his cronies.  

Clues, codes, and secret ciphers!


While following the clues and deciphering the codes sent by her longtime mentor and friend who's been wrongfully imprisoned, Mary gathers a most unlikely team of rescuers to help her. Even so, she can't help feeling she's missing something...Could this be another of the Rump's infamous distracting tactics?

Coming Soon!

The Hero's Tale


Will Mary and her friends finally be able to claim victory over the Rump and his cronies? (Hint: Not without a little help!)

Bogus Piehole


With the help of such sinister underlings as Bogus Piehole, Herr Bigly Rump has created an evil empire where all children are brainwashed and adults are enslaved. 

Spinster Blenny


Mary has no chance of defeating the Rump until she encounters a new ally named Spinster Blenny whose story just might be enough to topple the empire!

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