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Hello and thanks for checking out my current projects. Right now, I'm wrapping up work on the third book of my Mary Morgan's Journal trilogy which is a fully-illustrated series packed with adventure, mystery, magic, and even some political satire. If you like all that plus a lot of mixed media artwork, then this is the series for you! 

While The Cautioner's Tale is now available on Amazon.com, The Rescuer's Tale and The Hero's Tale will soon follow. Have a look below for the details.

Coming January 20, 2018

The Rescuer's Tale

Mary's work continues in this second fully-illustrated installment of the trilogy Mary Morgan's Journal.

The Rump is missing!

Mary's efforts to save the world from tyranny have only just begun. Now being blamed for the Rump's disappearance, Mary must build her alliances to free the innocents imprisoned by the Rump and his cronies.  

Clues, codes, and secret ciphers!

While following the clues and deciphering the codes sent by her longtime mentor and friend who's been wrongfully imprisoned, Mary gathers a most unlikely team of rescuers to help her. Even so, she can't help feeling she's missing something...Could this be another of the Rump's infamous distracting tactics?

Coming March 15, 2018

The Hero's Tale

Mary and her diverse band of allies has discovered what the Rump truly wants and how he plans to go about getting it. The only way to stop him is let him "win." 

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