R. M. Wilburn

Creator of the fully-illustrated series Mary Morgan's Journal, a possibly true account of our future.

Now Available!

The Cautioner's Tale is now available!

The first fully-illustrated tale of the Mary Morgan's Journal series is now available as an ebook download OR a print edition from Amazon.com.

The world was not destroyed by the Last Great War...

...but its history was. Is mankind doomed to repeat past mistakes? Herr Bigly Rump seems to think so!

Secret codes and clever clues...

...lead young investigator Mary Morgan on a chase to uncover the truth about the world's past before the hounds can stop her!

The Cautioner's Tale is now available for $2.99 on Amazon.com!

And on Barnes & Noble (bn.com)

Also available on Smashwords!

The Cautioner's Tale

Woohooo! Check out my new book trailer for The Cautioner's Tale!

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