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" excellent tale of sabotage, deceipt, and adventure."

"R. M. Wilburn has a dazzling imagination. She takes her reader on a fast  paced, top secret mission to save the world! The Cautioner’s Tale is told in an exceptionally creative method, leaving the reader anxiously  waiting to read the next installment in the series. Letters, newspaper clippings, journal entries, pictures, clues, it’s all there. Each page  is chock full of interesting detail and brilliant design. The bizarre  names of each character had me snickering as well as their intensely  outlandish detailed descriptions. I am anxious to find out what happened  to Mary Morgan, Herr Bigly Rump, as well as Parsimonious Creed! Brilliant work from R.M. Wilburn in an excellent tale of  sabotage, deceit and adventure."  --Patricia, Readers' Favorite

"...thought-provoking, frighteningly realistic..."

 R.M. Wilburn’s incredibly well-written (and illustrated) tale is so  beautifully presented, clearly outlining today’s hate-filled, racist  policies and a near-future which most of us will not survive. The remarkable similarities to today’s dangerous political climate eerily  sent a terrifying chill down my spine, as Mary dug as deeply as possible  to solve the mysterious murder. Her futuristic diarized log is  presented in a format which outlines a future which is far more  devastating than today’s population could even dare to imagine, yet the  realism is one which leaves me praying for Mary Morgan to appear.  

The obliteration of the world’s population through war, famine and  disease is a heartbreaking reality of the future and although The  Cautioner’s Tale prompted me to think hard about today’s current affairs  and the shocking results that tomorrow might bring, it left me  frustrated at the amount of people out there who seem so blinded by each  and every distraction that is gleefully thrown at them, while the  important issues are overlooked by the man who can make a difference,  yet chooses not to. The Cautioner’s Tale is thought-provoking,  frighteningly realistic and, while terrifying, I definitely recommend it  to all readers aged 12 years and over, so they might find a way to make  tomorrow a better place. --Rosie, Readers' Favorite

"...grim and gorgeous, with just a hint of hope..."

In the introduction to The Cautioner's Tale, R.M. Wilburn states that  “Any resemblance to real persons or places is an absolute fluke”, and  indeed, it may very well be a case of art spontaneously imitating life,  but most readers will find ominous and terrifying parallels between the  nightmare world Mary is a part of and the present state of affairs in  the United States. That said, The Cautioner’s Tale is a marvelous blend  of fact, fiction and dark fantasy presented in a cunningly designed  format that echoes the dysfunction and chaos of a nightmarish Rump dictatorship over a broken world. Each page of this graphic novel is a  delight to read, examine and wonder over. I’m not sure how Wilburn put  this amazingly crafted work together, especially considering the  reference, at one point, to recent history, but perhaps, like Mary, the  author has been doing some time-traveling of her own. This is a work  that’s both grim and gorgeous, with just a hint of hope to leaven the  dark storm brewing overhead. The Cautioner's Tale is most highly recommended. --Jack, Readers' Favorite

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